Thursday, June 1, 2017

Flashes of Memories

People say we won't remember anything that happened in our first 3 years of life. I am beginning to question this now.

You see, while caring for Oliver, I sometimes get flashes of very vague memories of being babied the same way I am babying Oliver. They are more of recollection of feelings and senses, instead of images. I remember feeling very safe when I was in the same room as my mother, for example. I remember disliking baths because my mother used to wipe me off roughly especially on the face and ears, much like how I do it with Oliver now.

All these memories never occurred to me until recently. It's like I was half way dressing up Oliver, and whoahhh....what is this I am suddenly remembering?

It feels like a split-second visit to the past. I would then, in an effort to further jog my memory, match images to those feelings - images of a younger version of my mother (permed hair and all), at one of our old houses (mosaic tiles and all) and the notion that my grandma was somewhere in the house. Alright, these images may have been heavily influenced by the old albums that we sometimes flip through, but the feelings were definitely cognitive, for I had never had these recollections even when I looked at those old photos. They only emerged since Oliver.

It's fascinating, how the human mind works.

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