Sunday, February 26, 2012

Malaysian Stand-Up Comedian Jason Leong

He performed in my company annual dinner last Friday night. Personally, I thought he was pretty good, but every time I cheered at his punch lines, I felt like I was the only one. I am the type that like to encourage people who have the guts to go on stage and perform, no matter how good or bad they are (as long as they are not cocky about it). Not saying that Jason Leong wasn't good. I was genuinely tickled by some of his jokes. But I couldn't help but think he held back some of his best material. After watching this Youtube video of him performing last November, my thoughts were confirmed. He made his jokes a tad more safe in my company annual dinner, and cut out some lines possibly due to the time constraint.

In this video, he was much more successful compared to his performance in my company annual dinner. I felt a little sorry for him because for some reasons, the audience crowd last Friday night just wasn't that into stand-up comedy, obviously. In the video below, the audience were there to watch stand-up comedy by choice, so they must like stand-up comedy at the first place.

He's not Russel Peters, but he still made me laugh out loud. So here's Jason Leong:

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