Saturday, January 14, 2012

Malaysian Sportsmanship (or Lack Thereof)

Here's my observation on Malaysian sportspeople and their fans.

When they win, they and their fans go overboard with their joys, with ad-hoc public holidays and all. Once they lose, they go downhill and hardly ever regain composure. Any match with Malaysian supporters watching live will be filled with noisy air-horns and annoying clap balloons. And who could forget the infamous laser pointers? Come on, Malaysians. We're way better than that!

If there is one thing we should learn from other established athletes and fan bases, it is the spirits of sportsmanship. Win or lose, keep cool and shake each other's hands, pat each other on the back, maybe give each other a hug, walk out of the playing field, THEN sulk or break whatever furniture you want in private.

Of course, when I say "other established fan bases", I most certainly do not mean English football fans.

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