Sunday, January 8, 2012

House Thieves & Burglars

There are many reasons we hate thieves and burglars. They are like parasites to the society. No, worse than parasites, because even when they are not committing thievery or burglary, they still cause us nuisance. We still have to set up home security alarm systems, CCTV systems, hire security guards, and construct anti-trespassing fences worthy of state prisons standards. They don't only rob us of our belongings, they also rob us of our pleasure to carry around luxurious handbags, parade in our expensive blings, and use our expensive phones peacefully in public.

No, I did not recently get mugged or anything. The topic just came to mind one day when I found my parents lazing in the living room, with the main door, main door grilles, and the gate outside all wide open. Nope, my family has no respect for thieves and burglars what so ever. None out of admiration, certainly none out of fear.

P/S: I know, it has been eons since I've been active in the blogging department. See how the year now says 2012? It is my (no-longer) unspoken resolution to start active blogging again. Regardless of the fact that blogging is so outdated now, I am going to pursue this hobby of mine again because life is too short for putting off things I enjoy doing. Erm, that...and also now I have an extra half day every week since my job now is only 5-day weeks instead of the previous 5.5. Hooray!

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