Monday, June 6, 2011


What some bosses say that makes them look heaven-sent:
  • "Don't work too hard. Work smart instead."
  • "We must know how to live a balanced life without overworking."
  • "You don't need to apply for leave for this. Just take the day off."
  • "You've been sick for a week. Is work giving you too much pressure?"
  • "Why aren't you attached yet? You are a very eligible young lady."
  • "You poor thing!"
  • "What are you still doing here? Go home have dinner with your family!"
  • "Switch off your computer NOW and go home!"

While some bosses are less accommodating...
  • "Are you working today?" (It was a Sunday)
  • "Do this, this, this, and this. All urgent."
  • "Are you going home, or are you on your way to site?" (It was past office hour)
  • "You're moving to a new office tomorrow. You'll need to start working weekends and in the evenings thereafter".
  • "I fight for your rights a lot, you just don't see it." (And we don't feel it either)
  • "Don't be so calculative with the company." (But we work OT almost everyday)
  • Calls you in the middle of a traffic jam on your way home, "Where are you now? Can you make a U-turn and come attend a company dinner (which I was not invited to earlier)?"

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