Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why Do People Love Angry Birds?

  1. It's simple. Very simple. Sort of like a break from PlayStation and Xbox.
  2. It has bright and colourful graphics. Pure eye-candy.
  3. It has funny and cute characters.
  4. It has very catchy background tunes and cute sound effects.
  5. Its aim is to kill ugly but still cute looking pigs.
  6. We get to destroy properly constructed structures with very satisfying sound effects.
  7. We get to fling cute little birds around, angry as they are.
  8. It's free (for some).
  9. It's so popular that nobody wants to be left out.

(That's all for now. See if I can think of anything else. Feel free to suggest via comments!)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song

Who else thinks this is the cheapest and yet the most hilarious music video ever? I mean, anybody with monkey masks can produce this video! But hardly anybody else can make it as entertaining as Bruno Mars, me thinks.

Monday, June 6, 2011


What some bosses say that makes them look heaven-sent:
  • "Don't work too hard. Work smart instead."
  • "We must know how to live a balanced life without overworking."
  • "You don't need to apply for leave for this. Just take the day off."
  • "You've been sick for a week. Is work giving you too much pressure?"
  • "Why aren't you attached yet? You are a very eligible young lady."
  • "You poor thing!"
  • "What are you still doing here? Go home have dinner with your family!"
  • "Switch off your computer NOW and go home!"

While some bosses are less accommodating...
  • "Are you working today?" (It was a Sunday)
  • "Do this, this, this, and this. All urgent."
  • "Are you going home, or are you on your way to site?" (It was past office hour)
  • "You're moving to a new office tomorrow. You'll need to start working weekends and in the evenings thereafter".
  • "I fight for your rights a lot, you just don't see it." (And we don't feel it either)
  • "Don't be so calculative with the company." (But we work OT almost everyday)
  • Calls you in the middle of a traffic jam on your way home, "Where are you now? Can you make a U-turn and come attend a company dinner (which I was not invited to earlier)?"

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Looking Back

As the month of June approached, I couldn't help but think what I would be preoccupied with if I were still working in Singapore. Remember last year I wrote about the Closing Dinner of Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2010, which my previous company organized? It's now that time of the year when everyone in PUB Singapore is on the tip their toes trying to make the next round of SIWW the most brilliant yet.

I visited the SIWW Facebook page and found many photos and videos of the SIWW 2010. They really make me miss being part of such a big event, albeit just a tiny part. When I think about the kind of things I did back in PUB Singapore, it makes what I am doing now feel like a grain of sand. When I think about how busy my ex-colleagues must be around this time, I can't help feeling left out. This proves that I had felt belonged in the company, like I was part of a big family. Kudos to the company for managing to form such a pleasant organisational culture (my current company could certainly learn a thing or two here).

See, this is what happens when I start to have extra time to think over things. Yesterday was a public holiday, which makes this a 2-day weekend without work, which means more idling time for me to start wandering in thoughts.

I was hoping that I would never look back and start missing life in Singapore, but I knew I would. I mean, life in Singapore wasn't all bad. Some parts of it were great, as a matter of fact. To be honest, I only felt great at work when there were distractions like the SIWW or any company event. Don't get me wrong, my last employer was a great company. I don't think I'd ever be able to work for a company as "beneficial" as it, if you get what I mean. But if I didn't leave the job, I'd never learn to appreciate it, and for as long as I don't know how to appreciate it, I will never do.

Although my current employer isn't as cool as my last one, I met some really cool colleagues, which so far is enough to cover whatever negatives that comes with this job. I wanted to experience different dimensions of work life, and experienced them I did.

Generally, I am happier now than back in Singapore. But there is still a lot of room for improvement (goes without saying). Just the other day, a colleague pointed out that I always seemed happy despite my heavy workload and I seldom complain. It reminded me of that one time when my ex-colleague said a similar remark. Truth be told, this time, I really am happy, just not too satisfied. Twisted, isn't it?

There goes my dose of blabber!