Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Next Splurge

The splurging bug has crept up on me again. The last time I burnt a hole in my wallet for a tech gadget, I got myself the HTC Desire. That was almost exactly 1 year ago! Now I'm itching for some new gadget, in particular the PlayStation 3.

The PS3 has been in my horizon ever since Final Fantasy XIII first came out. Back then, it seemed ridiculously expensive because there was no other way but to buy original copies of the games. So I resorted to watching YouTube videos of other people playing the game to ease my itch.

But lo' and behold, the pirated versions of the PS3 games have finally become available at very affordable prices! That includes Final Fantasy XIII! Unfortunately, the game console itself is still rather expensive at RM1100-RM1500 (trying not to think how much more affordable it would be if I were still earning Singapore Dollars).

The cost is not the only reason why I didn't get one right away. I hardly have time to play nowadays. If it took the jobless me more than a month to finish Final Fantasy XII (which got me totally addicted, by the way), imagine how long it would take me to finish Final Fantasy XIII now with my crazy working hours!

Although I am still contemplating about this, I have a feeling that I will end up buying it. I know, the hype for PS3 and FFXIII is so over now, but hey, they say better late than never! Wait...maybe never is better than late in this case... Arghhh! I'm so caught in a dilemma! *Gemini Twins fighting inside*

Who am I kidding. I am so getting it.


Tiffany said...

Chris Maple episode 3!!! BIG Bang!! COme play. everything is totally different now. easier up level and total change in skill too.

kaioucat said...

my internet sucks ass, how to play maple =(

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