Thursday, May 19, 2011

DIY Ang Pao for a Malay Wedding

The last time I went to a wedding reception, it was a Chinese wedding and there were no doubts which colour crepe paper I should use for that DIY ang pao.

This time, it is a Malay wedding. For this DIY ang pao, I went for white and pink simply because I love the combination. It's also wedding appropriate. I guess it shouldn't be called "ang pao" because it isn't even "ang" (red). But "ang pao" seems to have become synonymous with money packets, whether or not it's red.

One thing I always felt bad about making these DIY ang paos is having to destroy the gorgeous invitation cards. Thankfully this time, I have 2 - that's 1 for each of the reception at different locations. This time around, I added layers to the frills. I think it turned out not bad, although my handicrafts could use some brushing up.

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