Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cheng Meng 2011 - One Last Stay at the Ancestor's House

This is long overdue.

Last Cheng Meng (1-3 April 2011), I was back in Bintagor, Sarawak, where my Dad grew up. I hadn't been back in 12 years, the last time being for my late Grandmother's funeral. This trip was even more significant because it would be the last time I get to see my "ancestor's home" before it gets torn down for land development. Although I hardly went back, the place still held lots of memories of my Chinese New Year balik kampung days, back when all the aunts and uncles went back for the Reunion Dinner with my late Grandmother, when my generation was still a bunch of playful kids without a spec of responsibility in this world.

So tons and tons of photos were due. You know, before it gets demolished and all....

Out first meal upon touch down - True Sarawak Kam Mua Mee and Wantan Soup!
Visit to the graveyard:

The 40+ years old "ancestor's house":

Photos of the attic where my Dad and his 10+ sibblings used to sleep while growing up:

The house cats. Yes, these are 4 different cats!
This gigantic moth appeared in the kitchen on Chinese New Year's Eve 2009. It measured about 20cm long. We think it was one of our ancestors' spirits. My eldest uncle told it to fly to the living hall, where photos of our ancestors were displayed, so we know which ancestor was it. The next morning, it was seen perched on the wall among the many framed photographs of our ancestors, although it was difficult to tell which one. It was gone by afternoon the same day.

Although I've been back to this ancestor's house for quite a number of times when I was young, this was the first time I actually feel curious about the place. Alas, just when I was beginning to feel attached to the house, I had to say goodbye to it for the last time. But I guess it'll never beat what my Dad and uncles felt. They must have such great sentiments to the house. Yeah, modernisation sucks that way.

So, goodbye dear ancestor's house!

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