Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ijok Beggar Chicken @ Ijok

Spent 1 hour driving there from home in Klang. Food wasn't that great, but I guess it was an enjoyable meal thanks to great company (colleagues and family).

^Birthday Noodle (One of us celebrated his birthday that night)

^ The Beggar Chickens

^The Beggar Chickens - Close Up

^The Sweet and Sour Crab

The were more dishes, of course, but who has time to take photos of food when the crab is so delicious? (And my hands were covered in crab gravy).

There were around 15 of us, including 2 children. We spent about RM379 in total. Quite cheap, if you ask me.

We Have a Comic Artist in the Office!

^Click to enlarge.

Of all the reputation I could get in my new work place...I got the "好吃" one...

Snacking at Kim Gary Restaurant @ The Curve

^Toasts slithered with peanut butter and condensed milk. Simply heaven.

^Broccoli with cheese and white sauce. This dish didn't seem to fit in with the previous one and the drink...but it was still delicious!

Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu @ Kota Damansara


^Assorted yong tau fu platter. My favourite? The eggplant!

^The meat dumpling (水饺) comes in clear soup

^The yong tau fu sauce

Here's a video of the eatery by someone else: