Monday, February 21, 2011

A Reminder of What I Love About Being Back

Remember that time in Singapore when I was sick for close to 2 weeks? I most certainly do. I also remember thanking heavens for still giving me enough energy to walk to the clinic on my own, buy my own meals, and get my own glass of drink from the kitchen, because I knew there were nobody to help me.

Yesterday, it was a day in hell for me. I could not stand up for more than a few seconds without blacking out, let alone walk to the kitchen. If it weren't for my parents, I would be stuck lying in my bedroom, dehydrated, starving, and desperate for medical attention.

That other time, although it was almost 2 weeks long, I had the energy to take care of myself. I feel like somehow my body knew I had to take care of myself, and now that my parents are around, my body just let the sickness swallow me and let my parents do the care-taking.

Of course, I didn't think of all these when I was lying half-dead in bed. Now that I've gotten much better (still a little sore, though), I come to realise once again how lucky I am to be home.

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