Saturday, February 5, 2011

Random Updates

It seems like a good time for some random updates. I am in the mood for some typing, not so much on uploading photos, though. So this will be a wordy one, be warned!

It's the long Chinese New Year break from work, 5th day into it, to be exact. And that means only 2 more days to going back to work. Bleargh... I kept thinking to myself, how much worse I'd feel if I were still working in Singapore. Close friends of mine would know how much I hated the end of a long holiday where I had to leave home to return to Singapore to work. Need I say how glad I am that those days are over?

The weeks preceding the Chinese New Year holidays were pretty good. People in the office were in better moods, if only slightly. We had a few company events related to the Chinese New Year celebrations, so those were some welcomed distractions from work. I'd like to mention this one particular company dinner, because I made a little bit of an effort to look good. Probably contrary to what most people think of me, I like to dress up once in a while. I mean, I am still a normal girl, just not as girly or expressively so as many other girls. Wait a minute. Why does it feel wrong to keep referring to myself as a "girl"? I am actually more comfortable being called a "woman" these days. No, that's not a sign of growing old. It's a sign of growing UP. Big difference there, make no mistake!

Dressing up and looking fabulous is fun, no doubt. But not too much of it. I still prefer to spend my regular days in comfortable clothes that do not attract much attention. I don't mean that in a low-self-esteem kind of way. I mean, I like being the audience, not the center of attention. I like being in the supporting role. There's less pressure and more flexibility to switch to other options, you see. There's much less effort in being in the supporting role. That's sloth for you right there, guilty as charged.

The world is a stage, and we are all actors and actresses, as quoted by the world's most famous author whose name I need not even mention. Imagine what would happen if everyone wants to be in the leading role! Wait...I think that is happening right now. Everyone seems to be wanting to get rich and famous nowadays. These are the people who constantly wants to make a difference to the world, probably for the better (I hope). Honestly, sometimes I feel guilty for not having the same kind of passion. I feel like a free-loader getting a free ride in the society's advancement.

So yeah, my life is as normal as it can be. I have a regular 9-5 job, (just a figure of speech - it's most definitely more than 8 hours), I come home and watch TV about fabulous people living fabulous lives, have predictable conversations with family, and then go to sleep. It's all good, although nothing to shout about (I'd leave that to the leading characters).

I'm using a lot of TV references. That's because I've been watching a lot of TV lately. The American Idol, Glee (Finn is SO cute), and channel-surfing until I see something good. Usually, that's either E! or MTV.

Erm...that's probably enough blabbers from me for tonight.

It's 3.15am. Feels great to get to stay up late!

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