Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dinner at Nerotica @ Hotel Sommerset, Jalan Ceylon, KL

My boss treated my colleagues and I to a sumptuous dinner at Nerotica last Thursday (30 Dec 2010), both as a farewell to our now ex-colleague and as a New Year dinner.

The atmosphere was excellent with just the right amount of illumination. The service wasn't very friendly, but it was satisfactory. The restaurant service staff just seemed so serious. It didn't take too long for the dishes to be served, though. Minus points, however, for the expensive parking space within the hotel compounds at RM10 per vehicle, and we were told only the hotel guests are allowed to park for free. So...patrons of the hotel F&B are not considered guests, I suppose. The hotel staff wasn't even happy to entertain us like he knew we would never pay that kind of money. Well, we wouldn't, but hey, manners are manners. Lucky for me, another colleague knew a place nearby where we could park for free!

^The props above our heads

Food was really good, but not great. It tasted like something I could find at just about any other Italian restaurant.
^We were a bunch of sakai people, scouring the menu to find out the price of this 500ml bottle of mineral water. It was RM10.

^Salad with smoked salmon and prawns.

^Garden salad

^The meat platter

^The pasta

^Ham and pepperoni with bean gravy and mashed potatoes

All that at the price tag of RM510 - footed by our boss, of course. That comes down to about RM73 per head. Frankly, we had a much better experience at El Cerdo.

Check out the next blog post on our post-dinner activities.

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