Saturday, October 16, 2010

kaioucat's Very Own Perodua MyVi

I have dreamt of the day I finally have my own car, to be able to drive around as and when I like. Almost can't believe it has come true. My first car! Although, my biggest dreams are still far far away. This is just one tiny step closer.

Introducing... my humble Perodua MyVi. I know, I'm the umpteenth person to own a MyVi, but this is MINE and that makes it unique! *Desperately trying to stay in denial*

The poor thing is put to heavy use right from the start of its life. Driving in KL certainly does not permit gentle handling of a vehicle!

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Tiffany said...

Hi, WOW nice cute car,Looking at it I also feel like uploading my Myvi to my blog too. But too busy haha.Chris I finally got my own car car!! U wanna sit in it ? Btw pls sms me ur new hp number. I wanna contact u.

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