Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dinner at Alexis, The Gardens

Tonight was supposed to be a gathering of 5 old friends, but only 2 showed up (!@#$%). Still a great catch-up session nonetheless! You know, less people means more time each to talk... LoL!

Food was really good, dessert was even better! It's one of those restaurants with not many choices in the menu, but they all sounded interesting to me. Ambiance was alright. Not too noisy and not too quiet - just nice. I like the fact that it has sufficient illumination. I don't like dimly lit restaurants....

Service could be improved, though. Nothing horrible but from such a restaurant, I expected better service. So, no tips!

Bill for the night: RM126.50. On the hefty side, but hey, those were quite some quality stuff we ate!


Tiffany said...

Meow!!!!!! Chris how could u!~!! i want to eat too.,

kaioucat said...

call me when u're in town and we'll go eat some great food!

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