Sunday, October 24, 2010

M&M's Madness

My aunt recently came back from the US. She got us this:

^Nett Weight: 1587.6g
Price: UDS10

^Enough M&M's to last me months!

^My phone's wallpper now

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dinner at Alexis, The Gardens

Tonight was supposed to be a gathering of 5 old friends, but only 2 showed up (!@#$%). Still a great catch-up session nonetheless! You know, less people means more time each to talk... LoL!

Food was really good, dessert was even better! It's one of those restaurants with not many choices in the menu, but they all sounded interesting to me. Ambiance was alright. Not too noisy and not too quiet - just nice. I like the fact that it has sufficient illumination. I don't like dimly lit restaurants....

Service could be improved, though. Nothing horrible but from such a restaurant, I expected better service. So, no tips!

Bill for the night: RM126.50. On the hefty side, but hey, those were quite some quality stuff we ate!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bow Before I Enter My What?!

^Seen in Jusco Bandar Baru Klang: Please Bow Before You Enter Your Backroom

Saturday, October 16, 2010

kaioucat's Very Own Perodua MyVi

I have dreamt of the day I finally have my own car, to be able to drive around as and when I like. Almost can't believe it has come true. My first car! Although, my biggest dreams are still far far away. This is just one tiny step closer.

Introducing... my humble Perodua MyVi. I know, I'm the umpteenth person to own a MyVi, but this is MINE and that makes it unique! *Desperately trying to stay in denial*

The poor thing is put to heavy use right from the start of its life. Driving in KL certainly does not permit gentle handling of a vehicle!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kuih Dorayaki Moment

Growing up reading Doraemon is one of my fondest childhood memories. Any avid Doraemon readers would know that the cat robot's favourite food was "kuih dorayaki". I have always wondered how it tastes like.

Yesterday, I came across one in Jusco. I could finally find out how kuih dorayaki tastes like. Although, I have suspicions that the real Japanese dorayaki doesn't taste like this (being made in Malaysia and all that...). Like how some scones sold here can taste so different compared to the real ones from the UK, or how they say the sushis in Japan are way different from the ones sold here.
Verdict? Tastes good, me thinks. Would be awesome if the fillings were chocolate!