Friday, September 3, 2010

Positive SGD15 Becomes Negative RM450

Today, I had my first car accident since my return to Malaysia.

What makes it harder to bear is that it was my fault. I was reversing out of a parking lot at the bank and because it was a one-way street, I failed to watch both sides before reversing. I knew I should and I usually would but today, I was tired so I got lazy, thinking I could escape with just this one time.

Turned out there was a car right behind me making a turn into the lot next to mine. As tempting it is for me to blame bad luck and timing, it all still comes down to my own carelessness, tired or not. It's true, what they say - all it takes is just that one time.

At least the other party was pretty cool about it. I think I am angrier at myself than they were at me. I can't believe I met a car accident, albeit a minor one, within just slightly more than one month since I came back! My parents? Well, they were understanding enough to spare me from any lectures. After all, I paid for the damages myself.

Repair cost paid to the other party: RM450. Probably got cut-throat, but considering the trouble I have caused them and it was my fault, I wasn't exactly in the position to bargain.

Lesson learnt: Never grow complacent when it comes to driving. No matter how tired you are. I promise myself to make the RM450 worth every sen of it by making this incident a constant reminder to be careful whilst behind the wheel.

Sigh... all that for depositing a SGD15 cheque from IRAS...


Tiffany said...

Poor Chris. Hope U are well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

Oh gosh, Terribly sorry to hear abt that. It is a lesson so Don't be too hard on yourself, aite. You wont allow that to happen to you the next time.



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