Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cameron Highlands Trip (12 Sep 2010 - 14 Sep 2010)

The first family outing since my return from Singapore. =)

We visited the Boh Tea Centre and Plantation, some strawberry farms, vegetable markets, and night markets, among other places. Dad and Big Bro also went golfing at the newly-revamped Cameron Highlands Golf Club. The typical Cameron Highlands itinerary, basically.

We stayed at one of the resort bungalows, specifically the SPM Resort Bungalow. Nope, no pics on the accommodation. It was the usual standard stuff, very homey and definitely clean, despite the showing signs of old age. Service was also excellent, where we were greeted by the very founder of the SPM company himself on the day of our check-in, complete with a guided tour around the entire bungalow, which included his own private residence. OK, I must explain that the bungalow is so big, it was divided into 4 sections. Each section has up to 4 bedrooms, and the owner actually stays in one of these sections himself, making it his private residence. The other 3 sections are rented out to customers. Despite so many customers sharing one single bungalow, we didn't have any problems with privacy at all, thanks to the design of the bungalow. Each section has its own entrance, you see. Did I mention it also has a thumpin' fast Wifi network? Even my Maxis wireless modem worked wondrously all the way high up in those altitudes. Klang, boo hoo!!!

In short, it was a very pleasant stay, save the icy cold water (water heaters for shower only) and a spider warning.

^Boh Tea Centre Entrance

^Walking down the hill among the tea plants

^^Close-ups of tea plants

^The Robinson Waterfall

^Steamboat for dinner, on BOTH nights

Pst... 中秋节快乐!

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