Friday, July 30, 2010

A Very Jaded View of Inception's Ending

I just watched Inception (brilliant movie). Like many others, I found the ending utterly mind-boggling. I'm not a big fan of dubious endings but this one is so fascinating that I got too busy deciphering it to be dissatisfied with it.

So I went searching the internet for explanations of the ending. Am I more enlightened? No. If anything, I got more unsettled over what the ending really meant. So I have decided to leave it as that - the ending is open. We the audience get the choose the ending. And no, I am not happy with that but at least I can stop pondering about it now.

Anyways. In the midst of the bubbling debates about theories of Inception's ending, one very jaded guy came up with this comment:

^Click on image for source website

Totally made me LOL-ed in the middle of the night.

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