Sunday, July 25, 2010

Take That, Landladies from Hell! It's Karma!

Remember when I posted about my ex-landlady from hell? Well, here's Part 2.

Landlady from Hell: The Sequel

I didn't blog about my 2nd ex-landlady from hell earlier because I only stayed with her for 3 months. My biggest problem with her was that she practically made me her maid by expecting me to clean her house every other week, when I barely stepped foot outside my bedroom and the bathroom. While I diligently did so to avoid conflicts, completely following all her instructions on how to clean and which detergent to use, she had the audacity to express her dissatisfaction with the results of my cleaning (which involved a few spot of stains that only vigorous scrubbing can remove)!

That was not all. There was the typical electricity issue. Our agreement was that if the bill goes beyond SGD100, I'll have to pay the excess charges. You'd think she would be satisfied considering how unfair that condition was to me. But no, she started complaining about my electricity usage even when the bills never exceeded SGD100. Once, she even switched off my air-con from the master switch outside (which I didn't even know existed) while I was in my room!

Want to hear more? Her stand-fan broke down 2 weeks into my stay, and she wanted me to replace it with a new one at my cost. How was it my fault? It just stopped working. It's not like I smashed it with a hammer. It was an electrical appliance. It had a limited lifespan. OK, from her point of view, it could be my fault, she wouldn't know, no matter how sure of that I was. So the best was to split the cost evenly, wasn't it? Again, I wanted to avoid conflict, so I gave in.

I was already feeling uneasy with her. It was only my 3rd month there and moving again wasn't cheap or easy. Plus, who was to say that things would definitely improve if I moved? I mean, things had improved since the landlady before her. Should I be so greedy as to ask for a better one? So I stayed put, hoping that she would not stretch my patience further.

Salvation came when my current housemate told me that his landlord and landlady were looking for a new tenant for the room next to his. He testified on how nice the landlord and landlady were. With that assurance, I took the leap once more and moved to where I am living happily now.

Ex-Landladies from Hell: The Aftermath

Today, I learnt from my rental agent what happened to my ex-landladies since I moved out.

Ex-Landlady #1 had some sticky problems with her new tenant that led to a police report. The new tenant, who is a Singapore PR, lost her job while waiting to move in. She had already signed the rental agreement with Ex-Landlady #1. Ex-Landlady #1 got ridiculously worried about renting to an unemployed person, so she wanted to retract the agreement. But she didn't want to pay the penalty for breach of contract, you see. So what did she resolve to? She went MIA the day the new tenant was supposed to move in, causing her to wait 3 hours outside her house before lodging a police report. Eventually, she moved in but only stayed for 2 months. My rental agent has decided to stop serving Ex-Landlady #1.

Ex-Landlady #2 found herself a new lady tenant too, whom she also made her maid. Well, the new tenant got it worse. Ex-Landlady #2 injured her backbone and made her new tenant clean the entire house every week, including her master bathroom - get this - for 2 friggin' months! The tenant eventually got tired of it and called the agent for help. As of now, she is still living there. I truly feel for her.

You know how after a horrible break-up, you feel good when you find out that your ex was not doing well since you? I am having that good feeling right now! *Evil laughter ensues*

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