Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Leaving HQ for the Last Time

Today, I went back to my now ex-company headquarters to return my laptop and staff card. I was trying to avoid my department's floor because I have said my goodbyes and I didn't want to bump into everyone again in awkwardness. But fate has it that I had to go to my department to get a boss's signature.

So then I crept into my department's floor and found half of it in darkness. Perfect! I could sneak in, get my paper signed, and sneak back out without anyone (but the boss) noticing! Well, of course I bumped into some of them and saw others from afar, who appeared phantom-like. I like to think that if they appeared that way to me, I should appear that way to them too.

It turns out something was wrong with the lighting system and I saw some maintenance guys on my way out. And then I took the lift all the way down to ground floor, walked out of the building, looked back, and said my last goodbye.

So to my colleagues who saw a sneaky phantom going in and out of the office today, it was me!

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