Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Got Carried Away Packing

I am returning to Malaysia for good this Saturday. The plan was to pack a little bit a day starting last Friday. Well, I packed a little last Friday all right. Then I went into procrastination mode until today, when I managed to haul myself to resume packing.

But then I got carried away...

^ Two-thirds of my belongings all packed up

I ended up emptying every single drawer and compartment in my room, packing anything I can fit into a bag. Now, I can leave tonight if I have to!


Anonymous said...

Laila says:

It feels like yesterday when i came over before our swim. Ok, before i feeling2 sedih, i really hope we can meet again. =)

kaioucat said...

Now u're making me all teary eyed.

Anonymous said...

Laila says:
I'm sorry. =(

i miss you.

going to miss u even more.

but i'll always be happy for you, in whatever your future undertakings may be, even when im miles away.


kaioucat said...

*hugs back*

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