Sunday, June 6, 2010

YouTube Is Full of Distractions

There is this gift I planned to wrap tonight. I was about to start wrapping when I thought, "Why not try something new?".

So I went on the ever resourceful YouTube, keyed in "gift wrapping", and hit search.

As usual, there was a long list of search results, most of which seemed really relevant to me.

I click on one of the relevant ones, watch the video, get some ideas, and start my own gift wrapping. That was how it's supposed to be, right?

But no, that was not how it went. Instead of clicking on one of the many relevant videos, I just had to click on these two pointless videos, knowing full well they will most definitely not help with my gift wrapping task.

Tell me, does this happen to everyone, or am I having a mild case of ADD?

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Anonymous said...

Me too! I'll end up watching more videos than i need to. I'll be jumping from watching music videos to step by step baking to hamsters performing. This youtube is distracting. Especially videos featured at the side and i'll be like, "eh video ape tu" and click hehehe


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