Friday, June 11, 2010

Birthday Dinner @ Lawry's, Mandarin Gallery

I got to spend a very fulfilling evening with two very sweet colleagues on my birthday. Here's what I had...

^My portion of the "Spinning Bowl Salad", served with chilled forks (not sure why, but my colleagues and I find this chilled forks bit a little too amusingly pretentious, lol!).

^We all ordered the same main dish - the Californian Cut. I had mine medium with a mixture of buttered peas, creamed corn, creamed spinach, and mashed potatos at the side.

^Then out came the birthday song troop with my birthday cake, courtesy of my two awesome colleagues. I know they knew I love anything chocolate, hence the chocolate hazelnut cake. Apparently I am forever 25 and beautiful. What a flattering cake! xD

By the way, there was another complimentary birthday pudding from Lawry's but it was very forgettable...meh.

^Colleagues setting the cake on fire...

^My flaming birthday cake, with exactly 25 candles on it.

^And we totally ruinned the cake. Still very delicious, though. Mmmm...

The best part? I didn't have to pay a single cent for my main course because it was my birthday month! Isn't that just the best birthday treat for the typically cheap Malaysian?

All in all, I say the quality of food and service at Lawry's was VERY good. Except for the complimentary dessert pudding, everything else was excellent. I saw the price on the menu was SGD60+ to SGD80+ for a main course. I'd say it is worth it only for special occasion. The birthday month promotion seemed very popular too because we see the staffs singing birthday songs to almost every table that night. It is really an attractive promotion, after all.

I must thank my two wonderful colleagues, whom I will miss for a week or so before being terrorized by them again when they go visit me in KL during the Singapore National Day weekend. "Be our tour guide", they said. "I will be lost in the KL roads with you," I replied.

P/S: There was a group shot taken by Lawry's staff... I should be getting it emailed to me soon.


Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Chris. I am so glad u had a wonderful time. Hope to see u soon. ^^

kaioucat said...

Thanks, Tiff~ =D

Darlene said...

You said main course is 60 to 80SGD, that includes the spinning salad etc right? How bout' ordering steak a la carte.. how much would that be? And generally other items like the fish or chicken. Do advice. I'm going there the day after!! :)

kaioucat said...

Hi Darlene,

Man, you're really testing my memory there! I gotta be honest, I don't remember anything besides the food being delicious! You asked about ala carte price. SGD60-80 is the ala carte price (under the "main course" section of the menu). We did not order any set meals that night.

Sorry I couldn't be of much help. Anyways, if it is your birthday tomorrow, Happy Birthday and enjoy the treat!

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