Monday, June 28, 2010

Totally Addicted To This Song Right Now

Higher by Erik Grönwall
Hey, I'm a believer
And gravity's letting go of me tonight
You, came out of nowhere
When everything was passing by at the speed of light

So hold my hand and never let me go
Take a leap of fate into the unknown

I am flying
My heart is taking over
The world is flashing by
Higher higher higher
I will follow wherever it might take us
Chasing through the sky
Higher higher higher

Oh I know
It can be scary
You bet it all when your heart is on the line
But oh, baby don't worry
Just hold my hand and never let me go

I am flying
My heart is taking over
The world is flashing by
Higher higher higher
I will follow wherever it might take us
Chasing through the sky
Higher higher higher

Take me higher
I hold you as we're shooting through the atmosphere
Around us everything disappears

Woah oa oa

I am flying
My heart is taking over
The world is flashing by

Chorus x3

Lyrics courtesy of

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sad, but Relieved

Today, as I was about to knock-off from work, I caught a glance at the A4-sized group photo my colleagues and I took last Christmas, which was magnet-tacked on my file cabinet. It suddenly saddens me greatly to think that I won't be seeing these people for long. But the sadness slowly turns into relief. No! Not relieved that I won't be seeing them again! But relieved to know that the memory of colleagues I will bring with me back to Malaysia is a very fond one, relieved because I know how rare it is to leave a job knowing you will miss it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Desperately Homesick

Sometimes, I don't realise how homesick I was. Everyday has become a routine where I am programmed to do certain things under certain situations in certain times. I tend not to feel anymore, because when I do, it's almost always negative feelings.

So it is only when something good happen to me that I let myself feel again. Last month, Big Bro came to Singapore for a work trip. I only got to know about it the very evening he arrived. Just when I was about to knock-off from work, I saw a missed call from Big Bro. I returned the call only to be pleasantly surprised when he told me he was in town and we could meet up for dinner. I was swarmed by such rush of excitement. Come to think of it...I hadn't seen any of my family members since Chinese New Year in end February. Actually, that was just three months ago. It sure felt a lot longer than that...

Anyways. So after dinner with Big Bro at Wheelock Place, I had the choice of taking Bus No. 106 from Orchard Boulevard straight home. But I didn't want to part with Big Bro so soon, so I walked with him all the way back to Trader's Hotel. And when we parted, I felt overwhelmingly sad. Only then did I realise how much homesickness and loneliness I'd been suppressing inside.

Now, Lil Bro says he wanna come visit Singapore during his summer holidays. It will be another thing for me to really look forward to. Of course, there are the HTC Desire phone casings I bought from, which was delivered to his UK address, that I am eager to start using. And also the fact that by the time he is in Singapore, I'd be on holiday too. But that doesn't mean I'm not eager to see him. I am already planning to re-experience Singapore with him before leaving this country for good (which involves a pair of good walking shoes and a digital camera).

Sometimes, I really wanted to call home, but the truth is I didn't have anything to talk about. Not on the phone. The truth is I just wanted to hear any of their voices.

I'm really glad it's all coming to an end soon. All the years of numbing homesickness and loneliness. All of it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Birthday Dinner @ Lawry's, Mandarin Gallery

I got to spend a very fulfilling evening with two very sweet colleagues on my birthday. Here's what I had...

^My portion of the "Spinning Bowl Salad", served with chilled forks (not sure why, but my colleagues and I find this chilled forks bit a little too amusingly pretentious, lol!).

^We all ordered the same main dish - the Californian Cut. I had mine medium with a mixture of buttered peas, creamed corn, creamed spinach, and mashed potatos at the side.

^Then out came the birthday song troop with my birthday cake, courtesy of my two awesome colleagues. I know they knew I love anything chocolate, hence the chocolate hazelnut cake. Apparently I am forever 25 and beautiful. What a flattering cake! xD

By the way, there was another complimentary birthday pudding from Lawry's but it was very forgettable...meh.

^Colleagues setting the cake on fire...

^My flaming birthday cake, with exactly 25 candles on it.

^And we totally ruinned the cake. Still very delicious, though. Mmmm...

The best part? I didn't have to pay a single cent for my main course because it was my birthday month! Isn't that just the best birthday treat for the typically cheap Malaysian?

All in all, I say the quality of food and service at Lawry's was VERY good. Except for the complimentary dessert pudding, everything else was excellent. I saw the price on the menu was SGD60+ to SGD80+ for a main course. I'd say it is worth it only for special occasion. The birthday month promotion seemed very popular too because we see the staffs singing birthday songs to almost every table that night. It is really an attractive promotion, after all.

I must thank my two wonderful colleagues, whom I will miss for a week or so before being terrorized by them again when they go visit me in KL during the Singapore National Day weekend. "Be our tour guide", they said. "I will be lost in the KL roads with you," I replied.

P/S: There was a group shot taken by Lawry's staff... I should be getting it emailed to me soon.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

YouTube Is Full of Distractions

There is this gift I planned to wrap tonight. I was about to start wrapping when I thought, "Why not try something new?".

So I went on the ever resourceful YouTube, keyed in "gift wrapping", and hit search.

As usual, there was a long list of search results, most of which seemed really relevant to me.

I click on one of the relevant ones, watch the video, get some ideas, and start my own gift wrapping. That was how it's supposed to be, right?

But no, that was not how it went. Instead of clicking on one of the many relevant videos, I just had to click on these two pointless videos, knowing full well they will most definitely not help with my gift wrapping task.

Tell me, does this happen to everyone, or am I having a mild case of ADD?