Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Totally Forgot My Own Age

I was thinking about how old I'm getting... until I got stuck at how old I am this year. I know I can do a simple calculation but since when do I need to calculate my own age?!

Me: I forgot how old I am this year. How old am I?
Friend: You're 28.
Me: So old already?! Sh*t!
Friend: I'm kidding. You're 27 this year.
Me: Really? *Does a quick calculation in mind* Oh yeah, I am 27...

I actually believed my friend when I was told I am 28 this year. Not that it makes much difference...
My absent-mindedness has just gone up one level.


nurlaila said...

I always want to forget my age too and always think that I'm 25. hehe. =p

kaioucat said...

Around there lah kan, Laila? LoL. Approximately.

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