Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Swear...Machines Have Feelings!

So here's what happened.

Last year, I was seriously contemplating (read: fighting the urge) to change my notebook to a MacBook. Around the same time, my old notebook died on me, leaving me with no choice but to buy a new one immediately. Well, not immediately. I had to use my office notebook for a week or so before I could get my new MacBook during my coincidental preplanned trip back to KL.

Now that I am seriously contemplating (again, read: fighting the urge) to buy the new HTC Desire, my current Sony Ericsson W902 suddenly has battery problem last night. The oddest thing? The HTC Desire was launched last night in Singapore.

I swear... both my old notebook and current phone had never given me any hardware problems before I started thinking about replacing them.

Transformers comes to mind... "Autobots, transform!"

Tee hee... I'm such a geek.

*Update: I finally bought the HTC Desire on Sunday, 16 May 2010. I can finally stop stalking the forums and YouTube videos of HTC Desire.

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