Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Harvest Festival 2010!

To all my indigenous Sabahan friends,
Happy Harvest Festival,
Selamat Hari Menuai,
Kotobian Tadao Kaamatan!

Psst... Selamat Hari Gawai to you indigenous Sarawakians too lah.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Totally Forgot My Own Age

I was thinking about how old I'm getting... until I got stuck at how old I am this year. I know I can do a simple calculation but since when do I need to calculate my own age?!

Me: I forgot how old I am this year. How old am I?
Friend: You're 28.
Me: So old already?! Sh*t!
Friend: I'm kidding. You're 27 this year.
Me: Really? *Does a quick calculation in mind* Oh yeah, I am 27...

I actually believed my friend when I was told I am 28 this year. Not that it makes much difference...
My absent-mindedness has just gone up one level.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Swear...Machines Have Feelings!

So here's what happened.

Last year, I was seriously contemplating (read: fighting the urge) to change my notebook to a MacBook. Around the same time, my old notebook died on me, leaving me with no choice but to buy a new one immediately. Well, not immediately. I had to use my office notebook for a week or so before I could get my new MacBook during my coincidental preplanned trip back to KL.

Now that I am seriously contemplating (again, read: fighting the urge) to buy the new HTC Desire, my current Sony Ericsson W902 suddenly has battery problem last night. The oddest thing? The HTC Desire was launched last night in Singapore.

I swear... both my old notebook and current phone had never given me any hardware problems before I started thinking about replacing them.

Transformers comes to mind... "Autobots, transform!"

Tee hee... I'm such a geek.

*Update: I finally bought the HTC Desire on Sunday, 16 May 2010. I can finally stop stalking the forums and YouTube videos of HTC Desire.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Long-Anticipated Finale

For all the six years of the show, Lost has never failed to keep me glued to my TV screen (technically, my computer screen). To this day, I am just a little less confused about the plot than I was when I first started watching six years ago.

Lost is like the reigning champion of all TV shows in its time. I have watched many other TV shows along the way but none of them managed to keep me interested like Lost does.

It's hard to believe that we're only two episodes away from knowing all the answers to the mysteries that started all the way back in the first episode of the first season.

Unless ABC thinks it would be funny to leave us all hanging off a cliff even at the very end.
They'd better not do that!!! *panics*

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ibu by P. Ramlee

To all the Moms out there. =)

Check out the jealous girlfriend's face!

Ibu, ibu (Mother, Mother)
Engkaulah ratu hatiku (You are the queen of my heart)
Bila ku berduka (When I'm sorrow)
Engkau hiburkan selalu (You always entertain me)

Ibu, ibu (Mother, Mother)
Engkaulah ratu hatiku (You are the queen of my heart)
Tempat menyatakan kasih (Where I state my love)
Wahai ibu (Oh Mother)

Betapa tidak hanya engkaulah (You are the only one)
Yang menyinari hidupku (Who shines on my life)
Sepanjang masa engkau berkorban (You sacrifice yourself all the time)
Tidak putusnya bagai air lalu (Without fail like a stream of water)

Ibu, ibu (Mother, Mother)
Engkaulah ratu hatiku (You are the queen of my heart)
Tempatku menyerahkan kasih (Where I devote my love)
Wahai ibu (Oh Mother)


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The news that I am leaving the company is gradually spreading despite efforts to keep it a secret. Not that I haven't expected it to be this way. It's like... once every few days, someone would come up to me and ask, "Eh, I heard that you're leaving?".

I know it is absolutely my right to wait and give the shortest notice allowable under the employment terms. But why do I feel like I'm cheating?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day Trip to Pulau Ubin!

With a bunch of colleagues. Fun times! =)

^Bump boat ride to Pulau Ubin

^Taking a break..after just 10 minutes of cycling =.=

^Map of Chek Jawa

^The daunting stairs of Check Jawa Viewing Gallery

^At the top of Check Jawa Viewing Gallery

^Pulau Ubin Visitor Centre, where we all hoped and prayed for air-con. Alas, there was none. I know, we're such pampered city people... LoL!

^Colleagues at the Visitor Centre

^More colleagues at the Visitor Centre

^Spotted a wild boar

^This is as best a shot as I could get

^Another group shot at Balai quary

^Ubin Quary

^Danger sign vandalised by some jokers

^One last group shot before leaving Pulau Ubin

^My last sight of Pulau Ubin =(

That was probably my last time in Pulau Ubin. A total of 4 times in 7 years. Each time with different memories to bring home with. Definitely one of the places I'll miss.