Monday, April 26, 2010

How Did I Get to Know These People?

Someone on Facebook posted this on his status update:

quote of the day : when u start to believe everyone around u is evil, it is the beginning of a successful career. trust no one.

This is exactly the kind of mindset I had to put up with all those years, and eventually got sick of. Is a "successful career" really so important? What kind of a life is that - to think everyone is evil?

Nothing good is gonna come out of believing in evil, be it in yourself or in someone else.

I don't deny that I, too, sometimes have trouble seeing good in people these days. But at least I'm trying to change that instead of being proud of it.

I don't know how I got to know these people. We're just so different.


Sumandak From the Land Below the Wind said...

I agreed! trust nobody but yourself..

Tiffany said...

All I can say is : Poorthings. Can't even find someone to trust? I know there are so few out there but it is not none. You just haven't met them yet.

simoncsyen said...

this is life...we get to know the good and bad people. no matter he/she is good/bad, that's not important...the most important thing is that we are still evolve in our own way and moving forward in life. coz afterall,they are there to watch our enjoyment of life =) so why bother those evils?heee....

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