Saturday, March 20, 2010

Skinny Pizza @ Wheelock Place

Some colleagues and I went to watch Alice In Wonderland at Shaw Lido last night. The movie ended at 9pm and we walked across Orchard Road to Wheelock Place to have a light meal at this restaurant called Skinny Pizza.

By the time we sat down to order, some of their most popular picks were already sold out. Nonetheless, we managed to order two of their popular pizzas (at least as claimed by the waiter).

^Squid Ink

^English Breakfast

All their pizzas come in a standard 22 inch. When they say's really skinny. Instead of the thick doughy pizzas we get from Pizza Hut or Dominoes or Canadian Pizza, Skinny Pizzas tasted like crackers. It felt like we were having tacos instead of pizzas. It's no wonder the waiter told us 3 persons can finish 2 pieces of 22-inch skinny pizzas.

Taste-wise, they were pretty good, especially the Squid Ink, although it didn't look that appetizing to us at first. The arugula leaves they serve with all their pizzas tasted a little bitter-sweet, but they went really well with the tasty pizzas.

Six of us, ranging from not hungry to famished (that's me), had 3 pieces of Skinny Pizzas (1 Squid Ink, 2 English Breakfast). With my kind of appetite, I was surprised to find myself full after just...maybe 5 slices and a few bites of cake.

^Strawberry Shortcake

We shared a slice of Strawberry Shortcake. It tasted a normal as-expected strawberry taste. The cake itself was not sweet, so it'll suit people who doesn't fancy eating stuff that is too sweet. For those who have a sweet tooth, the glass of syrup was there to sweeten it up. The cake was served hot (with smoke still coming out of it when we cut it!) and the syrup was cold. If this was a chocolate cake, I would have died happy.

By the time we left the place, it was already closing and we were the last customers. So how much did we pay? Truth be told, I don't know yet. xD

Well, one of my colleagues is supposed to split the bill and tell us how much to pay. But based on the menu, the price of one pizza ranges from SGD18 to SGD25. We also shared a bottle of Apple Cider which cost SGD25. I have no idea how much the cake cost.

All in all, it was worth a visit but I won't go back again because I prefer the doughy pizzas. Just a matter of preference, really.

^One group shot to end the day

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