Saturday, March 6, 2010

Revisiting MMORPGs That I've Played

Like many other fellow members of Generation-Y, I was quite the avid online game player during my university days. Nowadays, I don't play much for two reasons:
  1. Unable to maintain constant interest to play continuously,
  2. Too much trouble having to reboot my MacBook to switch to Bootcamp.
Having said that, I still set aside some 30GB of my hard disk for Bootcamp just in case I suddenly have the itch to play, albeit just for a while. Such an itch occurred last night. So I logged on to my Windows XP on Bootcamp and started playing whatever MMORPG I haven't uninstalled. Had to do a fair bit of updating, though, which was quite a pain in the rear end.

Started off with Maple Story, which was my longest-played MMORPG. I was thoroughly amazed to see there are still old-timers in my guild (and that I am still in the guild) who log in frequently. It was very pleasant catching up with them and reminiscing old times. Unfortunately, though, my main character has been hacked into a long time ago, right before I stopped playing, rendering all my valuables stolen. Being broke (and naked), I have since started a new character to maybe one day finance my bankrupt Level 120 Arch Mage.
^My Maple Story Main Character in Her Naked Glory

Then I revisited my Cabal Online character. The guild's there but the members are gone. I even bumped into another player who remembered me (and me, him). It was a short-lived game for me, but I sure missed the great graphics, elaborate background music, and skill animations.
^My Cabal Online Character

There were a few others I wished to revisit but were not installed. Like Rappelz and Luna Online. Tried reinstalling them but they took 6 to 7 hours each, so I decided to forget about it.

Recently, an ex-Cabal guildmate recommended me to play a new MMORPG, which according to him is similar to Maple Story. First, at the thought of another 2D game, I was quite turned off. But as the itch for a new online game rose, I thought I'd give it a try.

It's called Wonderking Online.
^My Very Noob Wonderking Online Character

Will I get the itch to play again? Definitely. Will I eventually go back to vigourous online gaming again? I don't think so.

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