Sunday, March 7, 2010

How Romantic...

Saw this in the news:

Housing policy changes not enough for some PRs to take up citizenship
By Joanne Chan, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 06 March 2010 1911 hrs

".....With the changes, Singaporeans married to PRs will receive S$10,000 less in housing grants if they buy a resale flat. Alternatively, they will have to pay a S$10,000 premium if they buy a new HDB flat. However, the amount will be restored if the PR family member becomes a citizen, or if the couple has a child who is Singaporean.

National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan had also announced a new quota for non-Malaysian PRs in housing estates. He noted that
this would help to encourage integration......" (Read more...)

Yeah, and materialism too. Now, Singaporean singles are gonna think, "Is this non-citizen man/woman worth paying an extra S$10,000?". And since the question of worthiness is never certain when it comes to marriage, people go for safer, more definite choices - get the S$10,000 grant first!

The result? Singaporean citizens will tend to marry fellow citizens, and PR's will be doomed to a life of singleton and loneliness forever! MuaHahaHa!

Just kidding. =D

People have strong passion that can override materialism. We love someone for who they are (a S$10,000 cheque) and who they make us (S$10,000 richer), right??? xD

Someday, Valentine's Day cards in Singapore may look like this:
I think I'm the materialistic one here. Damn...


Tiffany said...

mm....10k is not that much..... But well that place is half filled with nice ppl and very materialistic ppl. Take care. I thought lots of SG women refuse to marry fellow SG guys. maybe thats why.

kaioucat said...

Yeah, I agree it's not that much. I suppose the policy is to encourage those PR's who marry Singaporeans to take up citizenship. I wonder what's wrong with leaving them as PR, though. What's in it for the government?

Tiffany said...

A lot of ppl have multiple PR and enjoy the benefit of it. In the past Singapore been giving out too many PRs and I am not too sure about the policy regarding citizenship. So far everyone I know has turn PR but nobody yet to take up citizenship though. I wonder why too.

kaioucat said...

most PR turned citizen told me they regretted it, and that I should stay a PR. They give the same reason as what we've heard - that i'd still have a choice to move back to Msia and invest in Msia. It's not like if I don't take up citizenship I'd be chased out of the country.

It's why the government wants us to take up citizenship so badly that puzzles me.

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