Sunday, March 21, 2010

CNY 2010

One month ago today, I was on my way back to Singapore from my 2-week long-ass Chinese New Year holiday in KL.

One month later, I finally got the mood to download the photos from my camera/phone and blog about the holiday. Just a bunch of pictures to show, really.

First, there was my chatter-filled meeting with two secondary school buddies at Italiannies @ Sunway Pyramid...
^Met up with Nur and Vinut immediately after arrival from Singapore.

Then there were these food pics from Madam Kwan @ Giant, Kelana Jaya...
^Fish fried with ginger and onion

^Seaweed soup

^Black pepper beef

Then there was this bizarre car plate number that I wish I could have...
Funny thing. The owner of this car actually live in the same condominium as my parents', on the same block. We tailed his car all the way back home that day.

Then there was the ferris wheel inside Sunway Pyramid...
^Ferris wheel inside Sunway Pyramid

And there was my visit to Genting Highlands, which shall be posted as a separate blog entry... errr... soon.

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