Sunday, February 28, 2010

Natural Disasters

It's one of those things I hear about a lot but have never encountered one myself. Thanks to the strategic (and fortunate) location of Malaysia and Singapore, we're spared from many natural disasters that our neighbours have to face all too often.

Whatever hurricane and tsunami that were coming our way are blocked by Indonesia, Phillipines, and Indochina. We fall in the Pacific Ring of Fire and yet we are spared from earthquakes and volcanos. It's a miracle, really.

Source: Wikipedia

Sometimes, we Malaysians and Singaporeans take things for granted. We really should count our blessings. Give them a break for always causing us haze and what not. They are already protecting us against much worst things. The earth is ever changing. Nobody can say for sure that we will stay safe forever.

Let us put away all religious and political differences for a while and give our hearts to the victims of the latest earthquake yet - Chile, and pray the string of disasters stops soon.

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