Sunday, January 10, 2010

My KK Transport Dilemma

Thanks to Tiffany who had kindly loaned me one of her parents' cars, the dilemma was solved! Yeah, I was chucked into the driver's seat immediately upon my arrival at the airport. Somethings never change in KK since I left four years ago, including my job as the driver.


Tiffany said... is not that I have something better to do than hanging out with u all. It is just that you all may not be aware that even though I stay in Malaysia...but the last time my parents saw me was like months ago. So....I still need to spend sometime with them or else...I will be named as the " bad daughter" who just go all wild with frens and never care about family. It is hard on me.......trying to balance out btw frens and family. but anyway we did have a good time. ^^

kaioucat said...

Lol, Tiff. Why are u defending urself? You don't fall in that area on the Venn cirlces. That center area refers to everyone else who has a car, able to drive and willing to drive, but is not close enough to us to hang out with us all the time.

Is my diagram so hard to understand?

kaioucat said...

There, I edited the diagram. Hope it's more comprehensible now.

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