Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kota Kinabalu Trip 2009 - Part 3

Day 7
30 December 2009 (Wednesday)

It was pulau day! The day started very early as I met up with yet another group of secondary school friends at the Jesselton Point jetty to buy boat tickets to Pulau Manukan.

Then we were on the boat heading for Pulau Manukan!
^KK City view from the sea

^Speed Boat Trail

^Approaching Manukan Jetty

^Notice the crystal clear water! The water got much murkier come noon time. So, a note for those keen to go for snorkeling - go early in the morning!

^All ready for an awesome snorkeling experience!

^Remains of broken corals washed ashore

^A very friendly island cat

^One last shot before leaving the island

By the time we were back at Jesselton Point jetty, it was already almost 3:00pm. We headed to City Mall for drinks and chit-chat until it was time for everyone to head home for dinner.

That night, I went to tapao (order take-away) the Philippine market's Malay rice - a delicacy I have been yearning for years! The taste simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world (except maybe in the Philippines, hehehe). Alas, nobody was willing to have such unhygienic food with me, so I had to tapao alone.

As I arrived back at One Borneo, I was blessed with a great sunset view. I parked the car aside just to take a snapshot.

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