Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kota Kinabalu Trip 2009 - Part 2

Day 4
27 December 2009 (Sunday)

The morning started with me picking up Sheau Yen from her home. We planned to go to Gaya Street. As I left my camera inside the car, I had to rely on her camera for pictures. So no Gaya Street pictures until she sends them to me!

*Edit: Gaya Street pictures finally in!
^Gaya Street Bustling with Crowd Despite the Hot Afternoon Sun

^Found a necklace that matched my shirt! But I don't wear chunky necklaces, so...

^I recognise this exact stall from the TVB drama Born Rich

Fast forward to afternoon, when it was time for me to check-in to Tune Hotel @ One Borneo, where I would be staying for the rest of my trip.

Later that afternoon, Sheau Yen and I were joined by Momok and Elyssa. Oh boy... it was such a wonderful afternoon of catching up. I hadn't seen Elyssa for the longest time!

Here're some pictures taken inside One Borneo.

Day 5
28 December (Monday)

That day, I had Ngau Chap (beef noodle) for lunch. Typically, I forgot to take pictures of the food. Oh well. After lunch, I went to meet up with another group of old friends at Old Station Kopitiam @ Damai. Another great round of catching-up ensued!

That night, Tiffany's mother treated me to dinner at a seafood restaurant. After dinner, Tiffany and I figured we would like to see what KK Times Square was like. So I drove both of us there and we were utterly disappointed with what we saw. It was like a dead town, except for the pub FireFly, which was still quite vacant because it was early. So we headed to Pasar Malam (night market) where we had a lot more fun looking at things.
^A dried seahorse

^Tongkat Ali dan sebagainya

Day 6
29 December 2009 (Tuesday)

I had Char Nyuk Mien for lunch. The only food picture I managed to remember to take is this:
^Braised chicken feet

After lunch, I went to City Mall to meet up with another long-lost friend - Hsiao Hsien, together with Momok.

That night, I met up with some Tshung Tsin Pre-U friends at Coffee Bean Damai for drinks. It was THE place my friends and I often patronise back then. It didn't change much but the drink I ordered (Ice Blended Pure Chocolate) was awfully sweet. Even with my sweet tooth, I could not take it. And it was rather empty throughout the night. Maybe because it was a weeknight. Oh well.

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