Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kota Kinabalu Trip 2009 - Part 1

Day 1
Christmas Eve (Thursday)

Arrived Kota Kinabalu International Airport Terminal 2 at about 8.30pm. The first two people I met were my besties Mozie and Tiffany. Both of them came to pick me up at the airport, and both of them had to be driven there by their parents. In a way, I was being received at the airport by two families. Although their parents weren't there just for me, I felt a bit like a VIP!

Before I left KK four years ago, I used to assume the driver role a lot among my friends. Of all the things that did not change since I left, this was one of them. It's hilarious to the extent that right upon my arrival at the airport, I was chucked on to the driver's seat and I had been driving ever since throughout my stay in KK. Well, not that I am complaining. I love to drive, and I am really thankful to Tiffany for having lent me her parents' humungous car.

That night, we went to Kinabalu Yacht Club for a late dinner with Mozie's family. Then we continued to have drinks until it closed at 12:15am, after which we proceeded to Tanjung Aru for more rounds of drinks. We eventually called it a day at 2:00am plus.

Day 2
Christmas Day (Friday)

Woke up at around 9:30am. Mozie and I went to pick up Tiffany from her home and headed back to the Yacht Club for early lunch. We ended up hanging out there the whole day. Momok came to join us at around mid-afternoon. We had a really long catching up session!

^Kinabalu Yacht Club compound

^Our Chef

^Our feet

^A dead jelly fish

By evening, we left the yacht club for dinner at Tiffany's (instead of breakfast at Tiffany's...get it?). Meanwhile, while out buying wine at the nearby Chua Kah Seng supermarket, we saw these funny antiques - only in KK!

^Translation: No owing. Boss's instruction!!

For dinner, we were served the most sumptuous dinner I've had in a long time...

Day 3
Boxing Day (Saturday)

That morning, the three of us went to Sutera Harbour for some thrilling sea sports. We played three items - parasailing, jet skiing, and the flyfish. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of juice right before our parasail took off, so the only pictures taken using my camera had us still on the boat. The rest of the pictures were taken using Mozie's camera. Hence, more pictures of the sea sports will be added once Mozie sends them to me.

Signing our lives off before the thrills

Fast forward to the end of all the activities...

We made it!

After all that, we went back to Mozie's for showers and then to the Yacht Club again for lunch. Then we headed to the Handicraft Market in KK to hunt for souvenirs.
^NOT the Handicraft Market. This is a the dry market beside it.

Then we headed the Upperstar Damai for drinks. Here's a very dramatic picture of me driving.
^The humungous car

That night, we just spent the time chatting at Mozie's until it was time for me and Tiffany to go back to Tiffany's place. Mozie was leaving for Bali with her family the next morning, so I had to move to Tiffany's.

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