Friday, January 29, 2010

Random Updates

Nothing particularly interesting is happening lately. Hence the lack of updates in the blog. Well, some things that may or may not be worthy of any mention, but here goes nothing...

I have marathoned The Office (US version) from Season 1 till the on-going Season 6 in a month's time. I am totally addicted to it right now and I dare say it is the best sitcom I have ever followed. It may not be as intriguing as Lost or as fantastic as Heroes, but it gives me this sense of not being the only one feeling so blah about work. The show presents unfortunately common lousy work situations and yet manages to somehow twist it into a happy ending, or at least an ending that you can laugh about and just move on to another day. It is like this constant reminder that no matter how bad stuff at work seems to have become, it is just another day of work and by tomorrow, new things will just displace the old.

^Cast Members of The Office

Speaking of offices. Work has been really hectic these days, especially since the year end holidays were over. I am coping just about borderline-OK and I keep having these weird dreams where I was always clinging desperately on to something. I kinda know what the meaning behind is. Not that it helps make life any easier. In fact, these dreams are making it harder for me to wake up every morning!

What's really keeping me going is my looking forward to the Chinese New Year holidays. I am going on a whopping 2 weeks off beginning next weekend and I. Cannot. Wait. No doubt, I had to thicken my face when I approached my boss for the leave request, since it is rather happening at work lately and I have just came back from a week's vacation. He said yes, reluctantly, but still a yes. I feel bad. But I'd feel worse if I didn't ask for it, so is about making the best or the least damaging choices, after all.

Another work-related issue. I have been assigned a task to put together a performance for the upcoming department retreat. I don't even know where to begin on how challenging that task is for me. Just because I have participated in that ONE performance, people extrapolate to the fact that I can come up with more. Fortunately, I have some really supportive colleagues who were too kind to lend me a helping hand and even agreed to perform with me. The general idea is to sing, since it requires the least amount of preparation work, considering the fact that I will be leaving for KL in a week's time and only will be back the day before the retreat. The more I think about it, the more worried I get. I may need a miracle for this one. My strategy now is to keep my own expectations low so I won't disappoint myself too much when I can't come up with something good enough. On the other hand, I keep having this feeling that me not trying my hardest is unfair to my colleagues who are actually helping me with this. Oh wisdom, where art thou when I need you.

Well, so much for blabbering. It's 1 bloody a.m. and I should really be in bed right now. Good news? It's finally Friday and there's a site meeting tomorrow (technically, later today) that I am rather looking forward to. *wink*

I just hope (and I mean REALLY hope) nothing goes terribly wrong that ruins the day. I am fast running out of emotional buffer.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kota Kinabalu Trip 2009 - Part 4 (END)

Day 8
New Year's Eve (Thursday)

Of all the days in my trip, I would say this was the most eventful day - mainly because I managed to visit the one place I most wanted to visit - my secondary school!

The day started with my visit to the Sabah State Museum alone. On the way there, I passed by my secondary school - St. Francis Convent, and saw the gate was open! I immediately called Momok to see if she could join me for a trespassing mission into the school compound. We agreed to meet after lunch. So I proceeded with my museum plan in the morning.
For lunch, I had Beaufort Mee - something I had never tried before. Again, no food pics...sigh.

Then comes the highlight of the day - visiting my old school!
^Pretending (unsuccessfully) to be back in school

^The chemical lab cum our classroom for Secondary 4 - the best year ever!

After the trespassing mission was accomplished, we headed to Warisan Square for some recharge (read: food and drinks).
Then Momok had to go home for dinner, and I had some time to visit these other places I wanted to see before I leave KK the next day.
^Centerpoint Sabah Shopping Complex

^Palm Square @ Centerpoint Sabah

^Karamunsing Shopping Complex

Come 9:00pm, I was back at Upperstar Damai for another gathering with secondary school friends. We had drinks all night long until past countdown. Then we headed to town to meet up with some other friends outside Shenanigans, and then to Foh Sang for (a really late) supper. By the time I was back in my hotel that night (morning), it was close to 4:00am!

Day 9
New Year's Day (Friday)

It was the day for me to leave KK - again =(
My last lunch was at Kedai Kopi Chuan Hin.
Ngau Lam Kolo Mee

Momok and Tiffany sent me off at Terminal 2. The entire trip had been really wonderful. It far exceeded my expectations and I managed to do all the things I wanted to do - meet old friends, visit old and new places, visit secondary school, and eat the foods. I had the best New Year celebration for many, many years. Goes to say how old friends are still the best.

I had a serious holiday withdrawal syndrome after this trip. That's why it took me so long to actually blog about it. It was too hard to talk about the trip and look at the pictures again when I was dreading the end of the holidays and the start of work!

I am also back to being alone most of the time again here in Singapore. Don't get me wrong. I really missed having so much alone time when I was constantly surrounded by friends in KK. But hey, I am not complaining either way. I appreciate both solitary and the company of great friends.

Oh well, I should be returning to KK again end of this year for our SFC Batch of Y2K 10-Year Anniversary Reunion! So, hooray!

Kota Kinabalu Trip 2009 - Part 3

Day 7
30 December 2009 (Wednesday)

It was pulau day! The day started very early as I met up with yet another group of secondary school friends at the Jesselton Point jetty to buy boat tickets to Pulau Manukan.

Then we were on the boat heading for Pulau Manukan!
^KK City view from the sea

^Speed Boat Trail

^Approaching Manukan Jetty

^Notice the crystal clear water! The water got much murkier come noon time. So, a note for those keen to go for snorkeling - go early in the morning!

^All ready for an awesome snorkeling experience!

^Remains of broken corals washed ashore

^A very friendly island cat

^One last shot before leaving the island

By the time we were back at Jesselton Point jetty, it was already almost 3:00pm. We headed to City Mall for drinks and chit-chat until it was time for everyone to head home for dinner.

That night, I went to tapao (order take-away) the Philippine market's Malay rice - a delicacy I have been yearning for years! The taste simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world (except maybe in the Philippines, hehehe). Alas, nobody was willing to have such unhygienic food with me, so I had to tapao alone.

As I arrived back at One Borneo, I was blessed with a great sunset view. I parked the car aside just to take a snapshot.