Monday, December 14, 2009

Born Rich (富贵门)


I just finished the last episode of TVB's Born Rich (富贵门). I thoroughly enjoyed every episode of this drama but knowing TVB (perhaps too well for my own good), I withheld hopes for a perfect ending to match the good plot and great characters.

Surprisingly, the ending was indeed near perfect. There weren't too many deaths, and even the bad guy was given a chance to repent. At one point, you decided that the villain had turned from a much lovable character to such evil that there couldn't possibly be any turning back. Despite a part of you wishing he could go back to his old good self, you knew he deserved nothing but punishment. How is it possible then for TVB to let the villain live happily ever after without compromising its social responsibility of teaching its audience the moral lesson of you-reap-what-you-sow?

By giving the villain a last-minute repentance and subsequently a permanent amnesia, although at one point, there seems to be a suggestion that he actually healed but continued to fake the memory loss, which I think is a very nice touch by the scriptwriters. People who cared for him was spared from the heartbreak of losing him, the victims of his misdoings got to return to their happy lives with no grudges (since the villain had returned to his old good self), and a broken family was slowly being reunited in a realistic, yet romantic pace.

TVB often try too hard to make their show impactful by killing off a major character in the end. This time, however, there was no death of major characters (except one, who may or may not matter depends on how you see it) and the ending was just as impactful.

One more thing that set Born Rich aside from other typical TVB dramas is the way the script was written without spoon-feeding moral lessons to its audience. They are definitely there, but not obviously pin-pointed out every single time, unlike some other dramas *cough*Moonlight Resonance*cough*. xD

Nowadays, TVB dramas this good are hard to come by. Perhaps one tiny little glitch I think this drama has is its English title - Born Rich. It sounds too...unpoetic. If I were to give it a new English title, I'd probably say something to the effect of...Wealth and Deceit or A Life Born Into. But then again, I've heard way worse English title of TVB dramas, so I'm not really complaining.

Oh and one more thing. Plenty of scenes in this drama were shot in Sabah. The main reason I started watching, really.

Here's the opening theme to Born Rich. Enjoy!
I watched the whole drama expecting a totally different kind of ending, no thanks to the misleading opening theme!

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