Sunday, November 22, 2009


Mom and Dad came and left Singapore in what seems to be a just a blink of an eye. I've spent a whole week being extremely excited about seeing them, so much so that I had trouble falling asleep the night before. Now that they have came and left, and despite knowing all too well this is exactly how I would feel, I still feel the pang of sadness at its full effect. The more I looked forward to seeing them, the more I miss them after they left.

I don't think it is normal to find it so hard to part with my parents at this age, when I am supposed to have my own life, my own stuff to care about. Truth be told, I am somewhat embarrassed to admit to still being this attached to my parents. The thought of them leaving this world scares me to death. Yet, I know that it is an inevitable fact that they will not be around for me forever. That is why that despite them being perfectly healthy now, I can't help thinking I must seize every moment with them and spend as much time as possible with them, lest I will regret for the rest of my life.

I used to know someone whom I thought was just as attached to the parents as I am. This person has since found a significant half and decided to stay with the significant half instead of returning to the parents as initially (and overtly) decided. The question of the likelihood of me finding a significant half aside, I pray to God (whichever God that is responding to my prayers) that I will never ever become like this person.

This post is probably more suitable for an entry in the personal diary. But I needed to let this out. Not that many people read this blog anyway. Those who do, well, you care enough to try to understand me than to judge me, right? Hence the reason I want to keep this blog amongst personal friends only, really.


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