Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stomp 09 @ Esplanade Theater

I watched Stomp 09 live in Esplanade Theater yesterday (Saturday) afternoon. Simply put, I was thoroughly entertained.

It was a rather spontaneous decision because I only found out they were performing in Singapore on Friday. By that time, all of the cheaper seats left were single seats. Lucky for me, I was going alone.

Because it was such a last-minute decision, I didn't have much time to read up about the Stomp performers. So when I came home from the show, I went online to do some research on them. One thing led to another, I came to this video:

I didn't even remember this part of Whose Line Is It Anyway until I read in Wiki that they parodied Stomp before.

Looks like it's time I re-watch my Whose Line collection!

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