Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dinner at Garibaldi

Garibaldi is this Italian Restaurant and Bar located at Purvis Street, Singapore. The ambience was nice - not too dark and not too bright. The table arrangements provided sufficient privacy and the service was execellent. The food was very good too. But all that came in a hefty price. I was there with 2 other colleagues and we spent a total of SGD213 after a 10% discount for Citibank Card holder. Let's just say that for that kind of price, anything can be made delicious.

One thing for certain - they changed my mind on snails. I turned from hating to loving them (eating them, that is).

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here you go...
(I can't remember any of the dishes' names, and most of what they were. These are as far as I can remember.)

From left to right - something that tasted like lasagna; smoked beef; dunno; cheese with tomato slice; ham.

Snails with Spinach in Garlic Sauce

Some pasta which tasted like nothing special to me. I could get the similar stuff from maybe Spageddies or even Pastamania.

Some Italian Rice - very filling! And cheesy. Again, nothing to scream about.

And this was my main course. According to our waiter, those were mushroom and scallops wrapped in green pasta. I could just barely make out the mushrooms and scallops, but it was very (VERY) tasty nonetheless. It did have a strong fishy after-taste but just for a while. I was very happy with my choice of main course.

We were pleasantly surprised by this complimentary dessert from the restaurant. My colleagues had surrendered, so I ate all of it. My stomach is never too full for chocolate. NEVER.

Complimentary drinks from the restaurants. When we asked for the name and ingredients of the drink, all I could catch was vodka, lemon, water, sugar, and 24 hours. The cold, sweet taste made it very tempting to down it all at once, but the 50% alcohol content was not allowing it. It was fantastic.

We were also delighted by the free flow of bread slices with vinegar and olive oil. Truth be told, I think those breads were the ones that filled us up instead of the main orders.

In conclusion: Will I go back again? Probably not, unless someone else pays for it.


Tiffany said...

i want i want.. look so nice

kaioucat said...

i don't think i fancy fine dining so much. The food is good, yes..but it feels to restricted to enjoy the food to te fullest.

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