Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dinner at Chako

Chako is this quaint little Japanese restaurant located at Clementi. For anyone who has dined there before, I'm sure the first thing that they remember about that restaurant is the LONG-ASS waiting time.I'm talking about hours of waiting. Some people bring a book, their laptop, PSP, or homework to the restaurant hours before they expect themselves to be hungry. I kid you not, seriously. However, if you appreciate good food, it makes all the waiting well worth it because theirs are absolutely fabulous!

Actually there are ways to reduce waiting time (although it'd still be long). My colleague, who is a regular customer, called a day before to make reservations and placed our orders, and told them what time we'd be there. This can shorten the waiting time quite significantly (maybe 1 hour instead of 2). To download their menu, click here.

OK no more blabbering. Pictures galore!

Ika Fry - Bread-crumbed deep-fried cuttlefish served with salad.

Yosenabe - Claypot soup with seafood, chicken, assorted vegetables, mushroom and beancurd.

Custard Puding

Green Tea Puding

They serve complimentary roasted barley tea, which is good. Total spent for 2 persons: SGD58. Absolutely satisfying!


Anonymous said...


i love this post! gosh cant wait to come back. =D

have a gd weekend.


kaioucat said...

the bad thing about posting food pics is tht i sometimes have to avoid visiting my own blog so i don't get hungry and ruin the diet!

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