Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stage Fright

Remember in one of my earlier posts I mentioned I was roped into my department's acapella team? It's for a performance during the company's Dinner & Dance, and it's happening this Saturday. When I agreed to join almost 2 months ago, I didn't think I'd feel any stage fright at all because of the large team. But now that it's only 3 days away, I'm certainly feeling the anxiety of performing on stage in front of hundreds of people, some of which I work rather closely with in a very formal manner.

With so much experience speaking and performing on stage all those years ago, I really thought I was already accustomed to it. I guess familiarity requires practice to maintain, especially when circumstances have changed so much since the last time I did it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Another New Addition to the Bedroom

I could hear this floor mat screaming at me at the mall to buy it. It's one of those things you feel are made just for you, and it's close to sinful if you don't buy them.

Did I mention how little it cost?

I'm beginning to sound like a shopaholic. I think it's time for me to stop buying pointless (besides decorative) stuff for the bedroom now.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Look What Came in the Post Today!





Thanks, Tiff! I love it very much!

Now, about giving this one a name too? *wink*

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dinner at Chako

Chako is this quaint little Japanese restaurant located at Clementi. For anyone who has dined there before, I'm sure the first thing that they remember about that restaurant is the LONG-ASS waiting time.I'm talking about hours of waiting. Some people bring a book, their laptop, PSP, or homework to the restaurant hours before they expect themselves to be hungry. I kid you not, seriously. However, if you appreciate good food, it makes all the waiting well worth it because theirs are absolutely fabulous!

Actually there are ways to reduce waiting time (although it'd still be long). My colleague, who is a regular customer, called a day before to make reservations and placed our orders, and told them what time we'd be there. This can shorten the waiting time quite significantly (maybe 1 hour instead of 2). To download their menu, click here.

OK no more blabbering. Pictures galore!

Ika Fry - Bread-crumbed deep-fried cuttlefish served with salad.

Yosenabe - Claypot soup with seafood, chicken, assorted vegetables, mushroom and beancurd.

Custard Puding

Green Tea Puding

They serve complimentary roasted barley tea, which is good. Total spent for 2 persons: SGD58. Absolutely satisfying!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Amazing Race (Season 15, Legs 1-4)

Funniest scenes!

Leg 1

Tokyo, Japan.
In a taxi, trying to tell the driver to go faster.
Flight Time: ¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!
Big Easy: Different language. Different language.
Flight Time: Oh okay, my bad.

Leg 2

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
At the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre, Big Easy was trying to grab a flag containing the next clue from the mouth of a dragon puppet moving about in the water, while Flight Time cheered behind him.
Flight Time: Reach on the tougue. Be quick. Here, you just grab it! Don't worry about it bitin' you!
Big Easy: I ain't worried about it! I can't get this thing, though!
Later on, right in the middle of their Detour at the Tao Dan Park, Flight Time and Big Easy passed by a local woman working out her hips. Big Easy said, "Go, work it girl, work it."

It's obvious Flight Time and Big Easy (Herbert and Nathaniel) are my favourite team.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stomp 09 @ Esplanade Theater

I watched Stomp 09 live in Esplanade Theater yesterday (Saturday) afternoon. Simply put, I was thoroughly entertained.

It was a rather spontaneous decision because I only found out they were performing in Singapore on Friday. By that time, all of the cheaper seats left were single seats. Lucky for me, I was going alone.

Because it was such a last-minute decision, I didn't have much time to read up about the Stomp performers. So when I came home from the show, I went online to do some research on them. One thing led to another, I came to this video:

I didn't even remember this part of Whose Line Is It Anyway until I read in Wiki that they parodied Stomp before.

Looks like it's time I re-watch my Whose Line collection!

New Addition to the Bedroom

Let us welcome...


Thanks, Mozie, for the very apt name!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dinner at Garibaldi

Garibaldi is this Italian Restaurant and Bar located at Purvis Street, Singapore. The ambience was nice - not too dark and not too bright. The table arrangements provided sufficient privacy and the service was execellent. The food was very good too. But all that came in a hefty price. I was there with 2 other colleagues and we spent a total of SGD213 after a 10% discount for Citibank Card holder. Let's just say that for that kind of price, anything can be made delicious.

One thing for certain - they changed my mind on snails. I turned from hating to loving them (eating them, that is).

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here you go...
(I can't remember any of the dishes' names, and most of what they were. These are as far as I can remember.)

From left to right - something that tasted like lasagna; smoked beef; dunno; cheese with tomato slice; ham.

Snails with Spinach in Garlic Sauce

Some pasta which tasted like nothing special to me. I could get the similar stuff from maybe Spageddies or even Pastamania.

Some Italian Rice - very filling! And cheesy. Again, nothing to scream about.

And this was my main course. According to our waiter, those were mushroom and scallops wrapped in green pasta. I could just barely make out the mushrooms and scallops, but it was very (VERY) tasty nonetheless. It did have a strong fishy after-taste but just for a while. I was very happy with my choice of main course.

We were pleasantly surprised by this complimentary dessert from the restaurant. My colleagues had surrendered, so I ate all of it. My stomach is never too full for chocolate. NEVER.

Complimentary drinks from the restaurants. When we asked for the name and ingredients of the drink, all I could catch was vodka, lemon, water, sugar, and 24 hours. The cold, sweet taste made it very tempting to down it all at once, but the 50% alcohol content was not allowing it. It was fantastic.

We were also delighted by the free flow of bread slices with vinegar and olive oil. Truth be told, I think those breads were the ones that filled us up instead of the main orders.

In conclusion: Will I go back again? Probably not, unless someone else pays for it.