Saturday, September 5, 2009

Trekking at MacRitchie Nature Reserve

I went trekking at MacRitchie Nature Reserve trail with some colleagues this morning. We chose the starting point at Venus Drive and walked the loop trail. I'd rate the trail as easy to walk and navigate, and very safe. The scenery was so-so, but good enough for a pleasant experience of morning trekking.

The "Before" Photo
If we were in a horror movie (like The Descent or The Ruins), this would be our last happy group photo before heading into the woods to be terrorised by man-eating monsters.

Setting Off on Our Journey

A Monkey was Spotted

A Photo before We Embarked On the Tree Top Walk

I find the Tree Top Walk here substantially less exciting than the one in Ranau (Sabah). Too steady, too low, and too "enclosed". But safer, I suppose, LOL!

But it still has nice views.

Come to think of it, I don't really remember the views from Ranau's Canopy Walk. I must've been too busy watching my steps, LOL! The Tree Top Walk here was rather short, though. Not even 100m. But the climb up was not too taxing, so it was still worth it.

Finally, The "After" Photo

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