Sunday, September 6, 2009

Smile Factor #13

During my university days, I used to skip a lot of tutorial and lecture sessions. There were cases where I skipped ALL tutorial and lecture sessions for a particular subject for the whole semester (only attending the first and last lectures; The first to "test the water", and the last to garner exam tips).

My course-mates always asked each other if they have completed a particular tutorial, whether they managed to solve a particular tutorial problem, or whether they have attended their tutorial session for the week in hopes to copy the model solutions (usually, the class was divided into smaller groups for tutorial each week). When they asked me, I always told them the truth, "I never do my tutorials and never attend tutorials".

The priceless looks they gave me were always the same. Very much like this:

I thought about what could have ran through their minds when I gave them that response. First, we establish that people who asked that sort of questions most likely cared a lot about studies. So I figured they must've first wondered why I did not attend tutorials. They probably came down to two possibilities:
  1. Because I was a super genius
  2. Because I couldn't give a shit
The image I portrayed back then was probably that of someone who cared about studies, and frankly, the idea of someone not giving a shit about studies was simply too unimaginable for the studious to accept. So that has to rule out Possibility No. 2. That means, in their view, Possibility No. 1 was the reason why I did not attend tutorials. That explains their reaction to my response.

This was further verified during the end of my third year, when a close course-mate told me that there was a rumour circulating within the class that I was in the Dean's List. =.=

It wasn't until after I graduated that I thought about all these. It's so funny that my course-mates could actually think I was that top-of-the-class when actually, I was struggling like mad just to get decent grades (and to pass, for a coupla subjects).

And there's my Smile Factor #13.

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