Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going Home Vacation (7 - 16 Aug 2009)

Some pictures I took (using my Sony Ericsson W902) during my week-long vacation at home in KL.

Where I parked the car at Sunway Pyramid

I bought a Rubik's Cube at Sunway Pyramid. According to the description printed on the packaging, I need to be a brain surgeon to solve the Rubik's Cube.

A pretty little butterfly was spotted inside the optical shop, where I got my new glasses.

I learnt that women nowadays are not only going for clean ad healthy skin. It seems that women also want their skin to be "admired" and "kissable".

Some T-shirt designer reapped ideas from the A(H1N1) situation. Apparently I was not allowed to take pictures of the T-shirts for fear of imitation, as I was told off (politely) by the stall vendor. As if I can't copy the idea after just taking one glance at it.
Actually, she asked me to delete this photo. I hope she doesn't read blogs. To her credit, you can find this T-shirt at Bangsar Village, on one of the top floors.

My parents bought a new house in Bandar Bukit Rajah, Klang. We visited the newly completed housing estate and I did not hesitate to snap away. I love exploring empty houses - so much potential for interior designs, furnishing, and decoration!

Finally, the dreadful day came for me to return to Singapore. While waiting for my coach at Chorus Hotel, KL, I snapped a coupla photos.

I guess that's it, until CNY 2010 (unless I have a sudden urge to go home in between. xD)


Tiffany said... far away.......sigh...

kaioucat said...

20 mins drive from KL without traffic jam. Keyword: "without traffic jam". LOL

Auron-Declan said...

and then still need to go thru tol...right?

kaioucat said...

Spikey: It's all part and parcel of KL life, dude. xD Wish u good luck driving ur new car. And drive safely, k?

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