Monday, July 20, 2009

Rediscovering Warmth and Kindness

When someone is subjected to prolonged lack of warmth and kindness, he/she tends to forget how it feels to be shown warmth and kindness - to the point that when someone else shows just a very small act of kindness towards him/her, he/she will feel overwhelmed with gratitude.

For me, the gratitude came with a sense of guilt - guilty for not caring for others as others have towards me, as I realise at times of my own neediness.

Sure, I have been utterly disappointed before. But I should know that that is no reason to stop caring altogether. It is, however, a reason to care wisely.

People whom I have only known within the last couple of years have shown concern over my well-being much more than those I used to claim were my friends for 6 years. This further validates my decision of setting myself free from the malicious network I called my social circle and embracing a fresh new start, despite it being one from scratch.

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