Sunday, July 12, 2009

kaioucat is Sick...of Medicine

I like the taste of cough mixtures. Am I weird?

I'll be on MC leave again tomorrow...this is a really long weekend for me (was on MC on Friday too), but one where I am stuck at home!

The bright side? It could be worse - could've been A(H1N1). So...let's just be thankful.

P/S: The doctor was cute (as predicted).


momok said...

When Sam having her fever/flu and the Dr gave cough mixture, I oso curi2 minum tu. Kekeke.

kaioucat said...

It's like drinking liquor. Only it's drug instead of alcohol..kekeke...

Dunno about u, but I'm keeping my bottle for those insomniac nights. It's drug abuse, I know.

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